the idea behind honesta

El amor por la moda y la urgencia de ser consumidores conscientes se unen en un punto que llamamos moda honesta. Somos ese punto que te conecta con diseñadores talentosos que le apuestan a un enfoque social y/o ambiental

Fashion-forward sustainability

Rainbow Box Bag - HONESTA

Only 3 pieces in stock!

The designer EILEEN GARCÍA launched her new line "Volver Estudio", it is a laboratory for the discovery and exploration of materials with an ecological proposal.

This is an incredible piece that was designed in collaboration with HONESTA SHOP, and it is the result of an arduous process of research by the designer and manufacturing team. It is made from plates made with recycled HDPE (High Density Polyurethane) containers. It comes with a detachable hand-woven handle.

Dimensions: 22 (length) x 15.5 (without handle) x 7.5 (width) cm,  Weight: 1.05kg

Eileen García