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El amor por la moda y las ganas de ser consumidores conscientes se unen en un punto que llamamos moda honesta. Somos ese punto que te conecta con diseñadores talentosos que le apuestan a un enfoque social y/o ambiental

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New Artic French Press - HONESTA

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An all-time classic in the kitchen shelves of coffee addicts around the world. Our French Press is beautifully handcrafted, easy to use and guarantees delicious, naturally fragrant, rich coffee! And to think it was created by accident…

Legend has it a French man was boiling his water when he suddenly realized he had forgotten to put the coffee in. Once added, the coffee grounds rose to the surface. He then used a stick and metal screen to press down the grounds. Surprisingly, it was the best coffee he had ever tasted! After being patented, it quickly became one of the most popular home-brewing methods.

How to use: Grind your coffee (see Coffee Chart included in the use instructions) and add to French Press. Pour boiled water just until coffee grounds are fully covered. Let hydrate for 30 seconds. Fill in with more boiled water, leaving enough space at the top to insert plunger. Let coffee sit for 4-5 minutes, the plunge down softly until you sediment coffee grounds at the bottom. Allow liquid to rest for 1-2 minutes and remove plunger. Serve and enjoy!

*Note: If coffee grounds come through, check the mesh fit. It should be fanned out in order to fit tightly into the press. Be sure you use coarse coffee ground.

- 22 x 18 cm

- Capacity: 1 Lt.

- Handcrafted | High-fired ceramics.

- Lead-free.

- Microwave and dishwasher safe.

- Do not introduce the plunger into the microwave.

Anna Lebrija